Sharing the information with locals


  • Jane Goodall


long-term conservation, forum, Africa


It is rare for a journal to provide information not only about research and conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitats, but also about human development. The editors are to be congratulated, since my own experience in Africa makes it clear that long-term conservation can never be successful unless local people are taken into consideration. It is essential to raise the standard of living and education of the very poor, whilst ensuring that any development that results is environmentally sustainable. This journal thus provides a unique forum for the exchange of ideas and sharing of information between research, conservation and humanitarian organizations. There is no shortage of NGO´s in Madagascar, but many are working in isolation, unaware of others with similar concerns and projects: yet my experience suggests that when such organizations agree to cooperate, their effectiveness often increases dramatically. Madagascar, despite the damage inflicted on its island environment, is still stunningly beautiful with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. But unless everyone works together to save what is left and restore some crucially important habitats, whilst gaining the goodwill of the local people, many species will become extinct during this century. Thus I hope that, over the years, this journal will grow, both in scope and in its ability to reach ever more interest groups.
Jane Goodall Ph.D., DBE






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